Opinion: No Decent Human Being Will Support Yahaya Bello’s Second Term Bid

Always take sides, Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim, silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented – Elie Wiesel.

Let us call a spade – a spade! Any decent human being will never propagate, support, vote or wish for the elongation of Yahaya Bello’s tenure. 2015 to 2019 is the worst form of human failure in terms of governance as far as Kogi state is concerned.

Who would have imagined that given the opportunity young minds such as this will only come to loot dry the treasury and impoverish the community? It is very sad!

Since the creation of Kogi state, this is the most gruesome oppression we have ever had politically, financially, economically, morally and physically. I have never come across a government that has gotten it wrong from the beginning to the end and is still doing the wrong thing till this very moment. Indeed, Yahaya Bello’s government is a disaster to Kogi state.

A government with a cash flow of ½ a trillion naira (500,000,000,000) in 3 ½ years which is equivalent to $1.380bn yet very lacking in initiative to do anything tangible with it. Rather, the government have actively looted the funds and wasted the resources of the state.

The simplest act of governance is to pay salaries yet it took the government almost four years when election is drawing nearer to even start contemplating the clearing of backlog of salaries.

For those who don’t know what we are saying, the budget of Togo, Niger, Mali and some eight other African countries is less than $1bn dollars in four years yet this are independent countries with institutions, defense, federal administrations and other offices to run, yet they don’t owe salaries.

Our townships roads are as bad as ever, water is not running in our towns, the roads in the rural areas are bad, the health care has become something else, our education is an eyesore and of course our parents can no longer go to farms because of herdsmen brutality. Where do we want to start from, it is getting worst!

I believe this is the time for us all to put an end to this oppression, shame and rascality. We need to be courageous enough to do what is decent and dignifying. In this, there is no Okun, Ebira or Igala Agenda, we are fighting for the soul of Kogi State. I know there are so many interest and aspiration but please let us unite and flush out this menace that has impoverish our people to the point of suicide and death. When this political cankerworm is gone, we shall rearrange and realign but for now let us chase them away!

Our dear brothers in APC, the elders say that whatever you don’t want to eat don’t even smell it! If we are to go by indirect primaries then we shall have about 4000 delegates. This means there is an APC delegate in every compound in Kogi state. It is our personal project and we can’t afford to leave it to the delegates alone. In our little capacity, let us mobilize and charge our delegates to do what is right by voting out Yahaya Bello.

This not the time to stand by and watch how it will play out, this not the time to be afraid, this not the time to be complacent, this not the time to stand and do nothing, this is not the time to leave it to them, this is the time to be aware and alert to our responsibility, we must put up a fight against this tyranny and heartlessness.

I also use this medium to tell our people we shall not live you or abandon you to this struggle we are going to support you physically, morally and resource wise because this is a just fight, it is a struggle for our tomorrow and we shall never fail in our duty(Amen).

God bless Kogi State.

– Bamidele Onile
MD/CEO of Globalinks LLC, a tax and financial advisory company based in Boston, USA.



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